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All geometry

Title Grade Subject Date School Instructor Keywords Movie
Let’s explore quadrilaterals Elementary School G-4 2020.04.01 No
Let's investigate quadrilaterals Elementary School G-4 2017.06.20 No
How can we draw congruent quadrilaterals (Congruent Figures) Elementary School G-5 2015.06.24 Sugekari Elementary School Noriko Kudo Yes
Let's sort quadrilaterals and make some groups Elementary School G-4 Math 2014.06.23 Oshihara Elementary School, Showa Township Schools Masaki Tsuruta No
Let’s explore various quadrilaterals Elementary School G-4 Math 2013.06.26 Daisan Terajima Elementary School Daisuke Nagatani No
Construction of Bisectors of Angles Junior High School G-1 Math 2012.07.03 Koganei Lower Secondary School attached to Tokyo Gakugei University Kouichi Kabasawa No
Let's investigate solid figures Elementary School G-5 2012.06.25 Tokyo Gakugei University, Koganei Elementary School TAKAHASHI, Takeo No

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